Concrete Maturity

The Beginner’s Guide

SmartRock Plus

The industry’s top choice to monitor concrete maturity

Accelerate project schedules with real-time monitoring of concrete temperature and concrete strength on-site.

Velocity Ready Mix is proud to be the only concrete supplier in Louisiana to offer SmartRock Plus™ sensors, a mobile concrete monitoring technology with Bluetooth and mobile app capabilities that empower you to measure the temperature and strength of concrete on-site!

SmartRock Plus™ concrete sensors are the industry’s top choice to monitor concrete maturity.

  • Rugged and waterproof; designed to survive the toughest conditions
  • Instant wireless connection to your smartphone
  • User-friendly mobile app displays concrete temperature, strength, maturity info, and much more
  • Share full PDF or CSV reports instantly with all project stakeholders
  • Track and review all projects with our Giatec 360 cloud dashboard

Rugged and Reliable

SmartRock Plus sensors install directly onto the rebar with no cumbersome wires or expensive data loggers. Temperature and strength readings are immediately sent to the intuitive SmartRock Plus mobile app.

The Highest Standards

Eliminate reliance on error-prone cylinder break tests. SmartRock Plus estimates concrete maturity accurately based on ASTM C1074 standards.

Finish Projects Faster

Make critical, real-time decisions during concrete curing. Help crews hit project milestones faster, shaving days or weeks off your construction schedules.